It isn’t a secret that a healthy blood pressure is a key to maintaining optimal health. Having an elevated blood pressure results in an increased load on the heart’s muscle, which means that the heart has to work even harder to pump the blood throughout your body. This may not seem significant, however, it will eventually have negative consequences on your body. Your doctor should always check your blood pressure at any office visit. A “normal” blood pressure is approximately 120/80.

Regular cardiovascular exercise such as running/cycling/walking/swimming, etc., will help to reduce high blood pressure and maintain a healthy blood pressure by strengthening your heart’s muscles. As the cardiac muscle’s function improves, it requires less effort to pump and circulate your blood. Therefore, if you have high blood pressure, you should start exercising regularly to decrease your overall blood pressure. This, in turn, will improve multiple facets of your life. Your exercise capacity will improve, your energy levels will increase, and even your sexual function can be helped!

Dietary modification is an additional tool to use in order to improve your blood pressure. A reduction of sodium in your diet, reduction in alcohol intake, and smoking cessation are simple ways to adjust your lifestyle to improve your blood pressure. Stress reduction should also be optimized to reduce blood pressure.

Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is very important to overall health. If you already have another medical condition, high blood pressure can only contribute to the overall worsening of those other conditions. Blood pressure can be checked and monitored in your home, as there are some excellent quality home monitoring machines on the market. Most importantly, make sure you make an appointment with your primary care physician for an annual physical to ensure that your blood pressure is properly monitored. For an appointment with Dr Herman at East Northport Medical Care, call 631-368-9166.