It’s finally springtime and everyone is anxious to get outside and enjoy the sun! Of course with the dozens of activities this season has to offer there are also many precautions that should be taken to ensure full enjoyment without the headache. Golf, baseball, hiking and biking are a few of the things this season has to offer. Biking in particular is very popular in the spring while the weather is mild enough and not too hot. Before you hit the trails and streets there are a few things you should really take a minute to think about.

Bicycles are known to send approximately 300,000 kids to the emergency room each year. The main cause of  injury is head injury. When riding at high speeds these head injuries can range from a mild headache to a more severe concussion or internal bleeding. But no need to worry, helmets were invented for this exact purpose. Not everyone rides their bike with a helmet but it is really critical to take care of you most vital body part. For children whose brains are still developing it is imperative to make sure you put a helmet on them. Also, when riding with children it is smart to dress them in bright clothing. When riding over long distances or in off road environments it’s a good idea to highlight them so they can be watched from far away and oncoming riders and motorists can see them too.

Don’t forget, like a car, bicycles are a mode of transportation that we rely on. These machines need maintenance! After a long winter in the shed or garage you bike needs to be checked out, oiled up and properly adjusted to the rider, especially if you child has grown in the past year. So be safe, think first and if in the event an injury occurs call East Northport Medical Care for our Urgent Care services to help you get back on your bike in no time!

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