urgentcareNo one knows your medical history better than your primary care provider. This is why you should go to your primary care provider for your urgent care needs as well!


Many people believe that when they get injured or develop an illness that they should go to an urgent care clinic right away instead of going to their primary care provider. Luckily, there are primary care providers that offer urgent care as well! Knowing your medical history, your primary care provider will know what is best for you. Even if their office is closed, you are still able to get in touch with them by phone so that you can get the advice and help that you need. With their knowledge of your medical history they can tell you what you should do and where to go.


Primary care providers offer many different urgent care services. Some of these services include, allergies, cold, flu, sore throats, earaches, urinary tract infections, abdominal pain, headaches, rashes, poison ivy, lacerations, abrasions, work and sport related injuries, and strains, and sprains. These urgent care services can be treated right in your primary care providers office!


The relationship between you and your primary care provider cannot be replaced with an urgent care clinic. It’s important to develop that relationship through regular checkups. Your primary care provider will know all he or she needs to know about your health and concerns. An urgent care clinic won’t be knowledgeable about your mental health, stress management, nutrition, or any other specifics that your primary care physician had already been knowledgeable of.


So when you’re deciding whether to visit with your primary care provider or an urgent care clinic; do everything you can to get a hold of your primary care provider first. If it’s not a life threatening injury or illness, contact your care provider to schedule an appointment or ask for advice.


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