logo-03Over the years in his primary care practice, Dr. Herman was finding an increased frustration in his patients when it came to their inability to improve upon their weight. The obesity epidemic in the United States has grown at an alarming rate and has many far-reaching consequences from both a physical, emotional, and financial standpoint. Consequently, Dr. Herman decided to pursue training in obesity medicine to help his patients lose weight, to reduce their reliance upon blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetic medications, and to affect a major change in their health and lives. He then decided to open BodySolutionsMD.

BodySolutionsMD is a full-service medical weight-loss practice led by medical director, Dr.  Herman. BodySolutionsMD offers a comprehensive approach to initiate weight loss, and will facilitate your weight loss maintenance utilizing intensive nutritional counseling, psychological counseling, and when appropriate, FDA-approved weight-loss medications. The staff at BodySolutionsMD will work to motivate you to lose weight and to keep the weight off!! The FDA-approved iLipo laser is a painless way to supplement the weight loss and can help to get those last few stubborn inches to melt away. If you’ve failed countless diets and are ready to find a Solution, give BodySolutionsMD a call today at 631-486-7696.

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