It isn’t a secret that a healthy blood pressure is a key to maintaining optimal health. Having an elevated blood pressure results in an increased load on the heart’s muscle, which means that the heart has to work even harder to pump the blood throughout your body. This may not seem significant, however, it will eventually have negative consequences on your body. Your doctor should always check your blood pressure at any office visit. A “normal” blood pressure is approximately 120/80. To learn more about healthy blood pressure make sure to speak with your Primary Care Doctor Near Commack, in East Northport .

Regular cardiovascular exercise such as running/cycling/walking/swimming, etc., will help to reduce high blood pressure and maintain a healthy blood pressure by strengthening your heart’s muscles. As the cardiac muscle’s function improves, it requires less effort to pump and circulate your blood. Therefore, if you have high blood pressure, you should start exercising regularly to decrease your overall blood pressure. This, in turn, will improve multiple facets of your life. Your exercise capacity will improve, your energy levels will increase, and even your sexual function can be helped!

Dietary modification is an additional tool to use in order to improve your blood pressure. A reduction of sodium in your diet, reduction in alcohol intake, and smoking cessation are simple ways to adjust your lifestyle to improve your blood pressure. Stress reduction should also be optimized to reduce blood pressure.

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Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is very important to overall health. If you already have another medical condition, high blood pressure can only contribute to the overall worsening of those other conditions. Blood pressure can be checked and monitored in your home, as there are some excellent quality home monitoring machines on the market. Most importantly, make sure you make an appointment with your primary care physician for an annual physical to ensure that your blood pressure is properly monitored. For an appointment with Dr Herman at East Northport Medical Care, call 631-368-9166, a Primary Care Doctor Near Commack.

It seems as if everyone is going gluten-free lately; but do we really know what “gluten-free” means? To begin understanding what a gluten-free diet is, we need to know what products gluten is commonly found in. Gluten is found in grains such as rye, barley and wheat. The gluten-free diet is a huge lifestyle change and may take a little while to get used to. At first, it may be frustrating because it will feel as if there are too many restrictions. However, it could come to you as a surprise when you find out that a lot of specialty stores now sell gluten-free products such as breads and pastas. Feel free to contact your Primary Care Doctor Near Commack, in East Northport with any questions.

What Is A Gluten- Free Treatment?


A gluten-free diet is a common treatment for celiac disease. Celiac disease is when gluten is consumed and then leads to damage in the small intestine. It affects every 1 out of 100 people worldwide. However, some people have symptoms of celiac disease whenever they eat gluten but it may not have celiac disease. This is called non-celiac gluten sensitivity and these people must follow a strict gluten-free diet, as well.

When considering going gluten-free, it is important to consult with your Primary Care Doctor Near Commack at our East Northport office first and see if they believe this lifestyle is a fit for you. If your doctor agrees that this is the right fit for you, it’s time to gain some knowledge on the foods you are and aren’t allowed to consume. As mentioned earlier, stay away from wheat, rye and barley. Another product that you should try and stay away from is flour. Labels are your best friend. If it isn’t labeled “gluten-free,” stay clear of beer, breads, cakes, candies, pastas, salad dressings, seasoned snacks like tortilla chips, just to name a few items to steer clear of. It may seem overwhelming, but soon you will find many substitutes for your favorite foods. On the other side there are many foods that you are allowed to eat. For instance, beans, fresh eggs, fruits, vegetables, quinoa, rice, soy and much more.

Since you may be missing out on some key vitamins and nutrients, it is important to intake vitamins to keep healthy. You may want to take vitamins like iron, calcium, fiber or riboflavin which should also be discussed with your doctor. Many people are not aware that some medicines and vitamins aren’t gluten-free. It is essential that you read the labels on everything to guarantee that what you are intaking is gluten-free. With patience and creativity, you will start to see that most foods you are intaking already are gluten-free and substitutes can be easily made if they aren’t!

So many people suffer from that “2 O’clock tired feeling.” However, there are many people who are tired all the time. The most obvious reason on why you’re tired is because of lack of sleep. Not getting at least eight hours of sleep is going to play a huge role on how your next day pans out. Although sleep plays a crucial role in your life, there are many other underlying factors most people don’t know about that can make you both mentally and physically tired.

When you skip a workout because you are too tired, think again. Exercising does the exact opposite of making you more tired. Numerous studies show that regular exercise boosts your strength and endurance. Exercising delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, which in turn, gives you energy. So next time you decide to be a couch potato, at least go on a brisk walk and you’ll see how much energy you’ll gain from this small task.

Everyone knows you’re supposed to have eight glasses of water a day, but do all of us really do that? Drinking lots of water a day helps keep you energized and awake. Even being slightly dehydrated can make your heart beat less efficiently because dehydration causes your blood to be denser. This stalls the oxygen and nutrients from reaching all ends of your body; therefore, causing you to be tired.

Consuming iron allows you to be more focused, alert and awake. You can tell if you’re not consuming enough iron if you are feeling sluggish, weak or irritable. Foods like eggs, vegetables, nuts and peanut butter contain iron which will help give you more energy. It is also extremely important to eat breakfast. Most people skip breakfast, which makes them tired much faster. As we all know and heard since we were little, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Cut out your fast food intake as well and you will see a huge difference in your daily life. Most fast food contains a lot of sugar which increases your blood sugar levels dramatically. A spike of your blood sugar levels will leave you feeling sluggish for the rest of the day.

A few more little tips include no alcohol intake right before bed. People think that having a glass of wine before bed will help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep; however, it creates a rebound effect that produces adrenaline in your system. This is why you’re more likely to wake up in the middle of the night after a night of drinking. Another tip is to stay off your phone at bedtime. The light your phones and tablets give off throw off your body’s natural rhythm by producing melatonin and in response does not allow you to fall asleep.