It seems like an eternity since we have been able to go outside and actually exercise. With all the snow and cold weather that we’ve had, it seems like everyone wants to shake off the cobwebs of inactivity and start getting back into their fitness regimens. Starting after a couple months off can be pretty difficult so it is very important to start slow and set goals. When starting out this spring, there are a few tips to remember so that you stay healthy and injury-free.

  • Don’t go from 0 to 100: It can be very exciting finally being able to go outside and run in the fresh air, but what is really important is that you take it easy. Your body is not used to running all the time yet and too much, too quickly is a fast track to an injury. Simply start off slow with your mileage and slowly progress to a place that you feel comfortable with.
  • Stretch: Stretching is the most important thing you can do before going out for your first and every run.  It is not only important to stretch, but to stretch properly.  Tight overused muscles are extremely prone to injury. There is always controversy over what stretches are best and what doesn’t help but we know one thing; stretching is absolutely necessary. A combination of static(standing still) and dynamic(actively moving) stretches will help keep your muscles loose.
  • Dress the part: When starting to run again, it is important to know at what stage of life you sneakers are in. It may seem silly but running in overused shoes are one of the leading causes of running injuries. Going to a running specialty store can really help with the new shoe buying process. They have professionals there who can help you pick out the perfect shoe for your needs. And don’t shy away from buying a new running outfit to go with your shoes. There is nothing more motivating than wanting to show off your new clothes!

Finally, it is nice enough to run outside.  Don’t ruin it by getting injured. Follow these simple steps to a healthy running season!

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