It’s that time of year again; back to school! With that, comes preparing your family with back-to-school necessities. It’s important to ensure that your family’s health is optimal for this school year. You want your family to be in the best position to succeed this school year, and that can’t be done without yearly wellness checks. If you want to see your family thrive academically this year then it’s essential to ensure everyone’s health is strong so they’re prepared for the education ahead. Looking for a primary care doctor Smithtown NY? East Northport Medical Care has you and your family covered for the wonderful year ahead! Our doctors are experts in patient care and comfort, and we promise your family the healthy school year you desire.
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Health Tips for Back-to-School Readiness

There are so many reasons for you and your family to receive their yearly check-up in preparation for the school year. However, getting your family the care they need before the school year isn’t exactly a stress-free task. That’s why we took it upon ourselves at East Northport Medical Care to ensure a stress-free and peaceful environment for you and your family. Talk to your primary care doctor Smithtown NY for more information on the advantages of yearly wellness checks and preparing your family for the school year. However, here are some of the many reasons for getting your family’s health ready for the amazing year ahead:
  • Covid-19
Covid-19 has taken a toll on our family, especially on our children’s education. Students learn better in the classroom, get more time to be social, and have the school experience they deserve. That’s why following Covid safety recommendations and getting checked up before the school year is essential. Each year we must make sure our families stay Covid-free to ensure a healthy and happy school year for everyone.
  • Yearly Physical
A yearly physical is not only imperative to get your child back in school. Yet, it is important to monitor your child’s development to guarantee that they are growing in the healthiest way possible. To read more about the importance of a physical, click the link here.
  • Vaccination
Age-appropriate vaccinations are required in New York State, and you can receive them at your primary care doctor Smithtown NY. East Northport Medical Care provides families with all of the age-required vaccinations they need to ensure their child is healthy. It’s also important your child is vaccinated against Covid-19 to ensure your family stays Covid-free throughout the school year! Click the link for more information on the Covid-19 Vaccination.
  • Flu Shot
With the school year starting also comes the beginning of flu season. Flu season can start as early as October, and it’s important to prepare your family. The flu can be a very dangerous illness if contracted and is also very contagious. That’s why it’s important to be preventative and keep your family in the best position possible to succeed this year.
  • Sleep
Getting enough sleep is essential during the school year, not only for your child but also for yourself. Getting the right amount of sleep leads to better focus, learning, and a better school year.
  • Vision and Hearing
Noticing a vision or hearing problem early on is very important to your family’s education. Having good vision and good hearing is necessary for optimal learning.
  • Nutrition
Monitoring your child’s nutrition can be a difficult task on your own. However, with the help of your professional primary care doctor Smithtown NY, we can help make your job easier. Checking for nutritional deficiencies is so important to a child’s education. Meeting all of your child’s nutritional needs can not only assist in their well-being but will also help them focus and become better students!

Back-to-School with your Primary Care Doctor Smithtown NY

Deciding to ensure your family’s health isn’t a difficult decision. However, choosing where is difficult and imperative to your family’s experience. We make it easy at East Northport Medical Care, providing your family with the best experience possible. Finding your primary care doctor Smithtown NY, shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we’re here to help! We promise not only to provide you with top-quality care but also that your family leaves our facility with a smile on their face. Back to school can sometimes be stressful and medical care can be a key factor in that stress, but our doctors are here to give you a worry-free and stress-free experience. We pride ourselves on our expertise and our caring environment. You won’t have to worry anymore with East Northport Medical Care here to help. If you want to learn more about preparing you and your family for the school year ahead, contact us or visit our website.