Annual physical exams are a vital part of preventative medicine and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s to ensure how healthy you are or to be aware of the signs and early symptoms that could possibly lead to something serious, yearly physical exams serve multiple purposes. It’s important to not only know your medical history, but also your family history, so your physicians can get a better understanding of what he or she may be looking for when examining you.

Your physician will also inquire about your lifestyle habits. Questions will range from your diet and exercise routine to your relationship with drugs and alcohol. The answers to these questions and more will give your physician a better understanding of how your lifestyle impacts your health. During the physical your vitals will be taken, which include but are not limited to: blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature.

As you age, the importance of an annual physical becomes much more essential. Your health is something that you can control, it should be a priority that is taken seriously. At yearly physical exams, make sure you ask your physician any questions or concerns that you may have. No question is wrong or too minor to ask about, and you physician will be glad to answer anything. Annual checkups with your physician and a healthy lifestyle are just two easy ways to prolong your life to stay happy and healthy.

Here are a few way to prepare for your annual exam:

  • Have a list of all the current medications you take.  This should include all over the counter and herbal supplements
  • Write down any pains or concerns you may have
  • Bring any test results you may have had done from other doctors that could be relevant to your overall health
  • Family, medical and surgical history
  • List of names and contact information for any physicians that your primary care physician may need to contact