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A board-certified family practice physician, Dr. Herman graduated from medical school in 2001 from NYCOM in Old Westbury, NY.  Dr. Herman completed his internship at St. Clare’s Hospital in New York City and a residency in family practice at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.

His experience is in urgent care medicine, occupational medicine, and elder care medicine.  He is a member of the AOA, ACOFP, and NYSOMS, and enjoys mentoring medical students and residents.



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It isn’t a secret that a healthy blood pressure is a key to maintaining optimal health. Having an elevated blood pressure results in an increased load on the heart’s muscle, which means that the heart has to work even harder to pump the blood throughout your body. This may not seem significant, however, it will eventually have negative consequences on your body. Your Primary Care Doctor near Commack should always check your blood pressure at any office visit. A “normal” blood pressure is approximately 120/80.

How To Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Regular cardiovascular exercise such as running/cycling/walking/swimming, etc., will help to reduce high blood pressure and maintain a healthy blood pressure by strengthening your heart’s muscles. As the cardiac muscle’s function improves, it requires less effort to pump and circulate your blood. Therefore, if you have high blood pressure, you should start exercising regularly to decrease your overall blood pressure. This, in turn, will improve multiple facets of your life. Your exercise capacity will improve, your energy levels will increase, and even your sexual function can be helped!

Dietary modification is an additional tool to use in order to improve your blood pressure. A reduction of sodium in your diet, reduction in alcohol intake, and smoking cessation are simple ways to adjust your lifestyle to improve your blood pressure. Stress reduction should also be optimized to reduce blood pressure.

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Maintaining a healthy blood pressure is very important to overall health. If you already have another medical condition, high blood pressure can only contribute to the overall worsening of those other conditions. Blood pressure can be checked and monitored in your home, as there are some excellent quality home monitoring machines on the market. Most importantly, make sure you make an appointment with your primary care physician for an annual physical to ensure that your blood pressure is properly monitored. For an appointment with Dr Herman at East Northport Medical Care, Primary Care Doctor near Commack, call 631-368-9166.

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Many people do not realize how making healthy eating choices impacts your overall health immensely, especially your eye health. A great deal of people do not think they have eye problems, or need to improve their eye conditions. “How do you know?” Well, the first step you can take is getting a general eye exam to assess the condition of your eye.  A simple eye exam can help detect and prevent vision problems. Taking the initiative to get your eyes checked can help manage and lower the risk of eye problems before they can become more of a hassle. One of the most important steps in learning how to improve your eye health and prevent eye issues is having healthy eating habits.

Importance Of Healthy Eating

Are you getting all the proper nutrients your eyes need? Your Primary Care Doctor near Commack was not kidding when they said, “Eat right to protect your sight!” It’s very important to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially the greens such as broccoli, spinach, and brussel sprouts. These healthy eating habits will give you all the nutrients your body needs in order to maintain a healthy eyesight, and even improve other bodily functions. There are many properties in these fruits, vegetables, and some fish that are needed.

Foods that are high in Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats needed to help maintain and support the body’s system.  They have been known to slow down some diseases of the retina and macular degeneration, which is the most prominent cause of vision loss and blindness. The top foods that contain high Omega-3 fatty acids are flaxseeds, walnuts, salmon, and soybeans. Vitamin E also helps protects against macular degeneration and development of cataracts as well.  Other important nutrients you need to intake are vitamin C and Zinc. Not only should you be taking daily doses of vitamin C as a way to improve your overall health, it is also a big part of protecting the eye from damaging UV rays. Furthermore, Zinc has been found to protect the retina cells. The retina forms the focusing screen at the back of your eye. Foods that are high in Zinc are black-eyed peas, milk, and poultry such as beef and chicken.

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Schedule a doctors appointment now to make sure your eyes are in good health and ask your Primary Care Doctor near Commack at East Northport Medical Care any other questions you may have in helping your eyes and general health.

Annual physical exams with your Primary Care Doctor near Commack are a vital part of preventative medicine and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Whether it’s to ensure how healthy you are or to be aware of the signs and early symptoms that could possibly lead to something serious, yearly physical exams serve multiple purposes. It’s important to not only know your medical history, but also your family history, so your physicians can get a better understanding of what he or she may be looking for when examining you.

Healthy Lifestyles

Your physician will also inquire about your lifestyle habits. Questions will range from your diet and exercise routine to your relationship with drugs and alcohol. The answers to these questions and more will give your physician a better understanding of how your lifestyle impacts your health. During the physical your vitals will be taken, which include but are not limited to: blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate, and temperature.

As you age, the importance of an annual physical becomes much more essential. Your health is something that you can control, it should be a priority that is taken seriously. At yearly physical exams with your Primary Care Doctor near Commack, make sure you ask your physician any questions or concerns that you may have. No question is wrong or too minor to ask about, and you physician will be glad to answer anything. Annual checkups with your physician and a healthy lifestyle are just two easy ways to prolong your life to stay happy and healthy.

Here are a few way to prepare for your annual exam:

  • Have a list of all the current medications you take.  This should include all over the counter and herbal supplements
  • Write down any pains or concerns you may have
  • Bring any test results you may have had done from other doctors that could be relevant to your overall health
  • Family, medical and surgical history
  • List of names and contact information for any physicians that your primary care physician may need to contact